Ultimate Balance

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Danny Gonzalez

13 dager siden

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Greg is the strongest family on the internet, we're the fastest growing channel on NOpost, and we make fire content. So, instead of making up some pun using my name and calling my fans that, I decided to use a different name entirely. A name so strong, haters tremble when it is spoken. WE ARE GREG. AND WE ARE TAKING OVER THE INTERNET. And all you have to do to join is hit subscribe and turn on notifications.

ebolian. 12 dager siden
AK_Galaxy 7 dager siden
MiaDraws Things
MiaDraws Things 11 dager siden
꧁Sparkles Studio꧂
꧁Sparkles Studio꧂ 11 dager siden
@ᴋᴘᴏᴘ ɢᴜᴄᴄɪ spontaneous
꧁Sparkles Studio꧂
꧁Sparkles Studio꧂ 11 dager siden
@ᴋᴘᴏᴘ ɢᴜᴄᴄɪ lovely
Megzlot 16
Megzlot 16 11 dager siden
glitzygrrl 2 timer siden
Why are you in Cody Ko's kitchen?
julissa dc
julissa dc 3 timer siden
awww reminded me of when the singer from top did a parody commercial on it lol nopost.info/throw/ss6Zq4uqp3mGdsk/video
clayton johnson
clayton johnson 4 timer siden
“17 mississippies”
Sofia Pastor
Sofia Pastor 4 timer siden
Lol they tricked the buyers into thinking it works and that might be why ppl bought it
물건 5 timer siden
Danny looks surprisingly good with balance bracelet hoop earrings.
Sydney W.
Sydney W. 5 timer siden
A bracelet with plus balance, strengh, and endurance... my irl rpg dreams have came true...
marc watkins
marc watkins 5 timer siden
Because my dad bullies me
marc watkins
marc watkins 5 timer siden
Every time when I get sad I watch your video which is every day
Joe Backwards
Joe Backwards 5 timer siden
Haha account 8 years old
ChallengeAccepted 6 timer siden
If those are like 10 bucks a piece, my man danny spent like 300 dollars on that s**t
Brooklynne J
Brooklynne J 6 timer siden
my grandpa still wears his and swears he will fall if he takes it off. the irony is that he’s still ended up in the hospital for falling twice in the past year even with it on
RandomGamer Sara
RandomGamer Sara 7 timer siden
i don't remember the term for it, but the bracelets are a 'mind over matter' thing. like if you tell someone that wearing the bracelet will help you feel better, the mind thinks that it's true. There's a lot of these types of bracelets that 'help' with balance, health, mind, etc. So since you don't believe the claims, your brain doesn't think 'oh i'm more balanced'.
the crazy splatter
the crazy splatter 9 timer siden
U only use 10 percent of your brain watch my vids you use .0001 percent
Gabrielle 9 timer siden
17:19 danny looks good in hoops doe-
C_ W_
C_ W_ 10 timer siden
thinking about the fact that Danny is dressed like Sans
JDkC 10 timer siden
For a movie review I'll recommend watching, The master of disguise starring Dana Cravey, it's just completely hurts to watch
- iHavEdepression -
- iHavEdepression - 10 timer siden
TSG John
TSG John 11 timer siden
SierraRose 12 timer siden
Is anyone else staring at the little hair sticking out? Just me? Ok
nad 13 timer siden
17 missisisisiissssssisiwpofupiypipi
smol child
smol child 13 timer siden
17 Mississippi baby
Nora 13 timer siden
I love the animal crossing resetti music in 10:31 💚
•Echi •
•Echi • 14 timer siden
It makes you someone who wastes money on amazing technology
-g h o s t-
-g h o s t- 15 timer siden
people can only reply in one year -sat, nov 28th, 2020 heeehehehehegghghhghehgg
Nao Nao
Nao Nao 15 timer siden
Do a video on the joel inspiration cube. The add was. . .
Dominic Baptist Dominic
Dominic Baptist Dominic 15 timer siden
Who the hell is Greg
Eatinggamer 39
Eatinggamer 39 15 timer siden
Jokes aside, I'm pretty sure balance is very important in a lot of sports since being able to control your center of gravity can make a difference between getting tackled to the ground and resisting the tackle
Ggg Yyy
Ggg Yyy 16 timer siden
Day 11 of asking Danny to review Romeo and Juliet: Sealed with a kiss
Mercy W.
Mercy W. 17 timer siden
Danny looks just a little different in this video and I can’t pinpoint it,,,
GayRadioRaptor 18 timer siden
I'm not sure how to feel about the Unus Annus energy of this
Shannayaa Nayak
Shannayaa Nayak 18 timer siden
I’m not even kidding, I laughed so much my stomach and facial muscles hurt thanks for the hidden workout danny!
Ralkime Stroest
Ralkime Stroest 20 timer siden
I remember wearing one of these, and it started like, hurting my arm
Nicker Balarski
Nicker Balarski 20 timer siden
The thing just injects steroids into your bloodstream
Spencer VanOchten
Spencer VanOchten 21 time siden
Am I going crazy or has Danny's neck gotten longer
kuromiworldz 22 timer siden
yo u curse a lot
Zac Reedy
Zac Reedy Dag siden
Nobody: Apple: heyyyyyyy wait
Isabel Warden
Isabel Warden Dag siden
Review the Diary of a Wimpy Kid: 25 years later fanfic
Whitechocalate Dag siden
I got that hello fresh 😤🔥😤🔥😤🔥😤🔥😤🔥🔥😤🔥😤🔥😤🔥😤
s Dag siden
the east knows this
Alyssa Dag siden
he pulls off the earrings tho
Aila Grace
Aila Grace Dag siden
Come on danny... wheres your holiday song? We all know it's coming...
XxwolfmeetstheskyxX Dag siden
A few years ago My mom and I wore like five of these each to prove to my dad that they were bs and I fainted from heat exhaustion and my mom and I at the time thought it was the bracelets and we stopped wearing them
Emily An
Emily An Dag siden
At this point when you search up “The fastest growing army” Greg comes up
doctor me
doctor me Dag siden
17:56 no one gonna talk about that not even gonna say what it is
Martyna Dag siden
Danny looks great in power balance hoop earrings
Emily An
Emily An Dag siden
i bet its physiological making the consumer think it makes them faster and stronger and their minds making them stronger and faster because they B E L I E V E...
Kayla Vinson
Kayla Vinson Dag siden
Damn lol I remember a lot of people sporty and not wearing those, I myself had a black one back in like 9th/10th grade back in 2010-2011 lol I danced so maybe that's why. But also they had them at Walmart 🤣 almost every dancer /cheerleader along with others at the time were wearing them then well they stopped
Babyback the Butcher
Babyback the Butcher Dag siden
Next try blending them up and drinking the fluid. Boom. Balance potion.
ospray 101
ospray 101 Dag siden
Maybe it's a placebo effect, it makes you believe that you have balence with it so much, you will, funny how the brain works I could also be wrong though
Shimmer1Z Dag siden
Ashley Black
Ashley Black Dag siden
Why when Danny said “and you know where this one’s going”, I thought he was gonna say on his dick...
Darth Vader Gamer
Darth Vader Gamer Dag siden
Penitent Hollow
Penitent Hollow Dag siden
Sponsored by power bands
izzy lee
izzy lee Dag siden
Their website doesn’t even make claims or give information about the bracelet under their FAQs 😂
Raissa Da Silva
Raissa Da Silva Dag siden
I should buy 30 power balance too, maybe I'll stop falling in love all the time 💀
Kristen Drechsler
Kristen Drechsler Dag siden
I never had one growing up but I remember seeing other people with them. it's not that I thought they were a scam, or even that they did what the company lets other people claim they do. I thought they had to do with pressure points in your wrist for some reason
Not Always
Not Always Dag siden
Spoiler: iRenew does NOT have a patent on this "technology"
Casandra P
Casandra P Dag siden
Wow the twist when you have 30 bracelets
Ainsley Schieffer
Ainsley Schieffer Dag siden
No one: Danny: “In conclusion, I don’t know 🤷‍♂️ “
katie Dag siden
katie Dag siden
i bet its physiological making the consumer think it makes them faster and stronger and their minds making them stronger and faster because they B E L I E V E...
We only use 10% but watching his videos we use 11%
Kai Beighley-Laramee
Kai Beighley-Laramee Dag siden
I think its psychological because people are more willing to believe good things than bad
Ritz Rain
Ritz Rain Dag siden
commenting so you get your money back for this abomination...
Club For Two
Club For Two Dag siden
I think Danny fell for the placebo effect LMAO
Imogen Barnes
Imogen Barnes Dag siden
Placebo effect
Janessa Peng
Janessa Peng Dag siden
“46 Mississippi... 27 Mississippi” what?
Daniel Lima Álva
Daniel Lima Álva Dag siden
Falling over?? Couldn't be me😂😂😭
Frazzled FN
Frazzled FN Dag siden
Ok, anyways conclusion: You decide(idk)
Russian Federation Putin
Russian Federation Putin Dag siden
It’s a placebo
Twenty Øne Pirates
Twenty Øne Pirates Dag siden
iRenew me, do you renew you? I need a new me, do you need a new you? (If you understand this I respect you)
Preddix Dag siden
I couldn’t help but die from laughter when he started talking about the body’s energy field
Jazmin Chavez
Jazmin Chavez Dag siden
Danny: puts earings on and falls on his floor for Greg Me: the things he does for us ;-; PS: Danny you probably shouldn't just fall on the floor (even if you tried to catch your fall) that's just not good😅
Chiamaka Nwaekwu
Chiamaka Nwaekwu Dag siden
He looks like an e-boy
Geebo [fIGHT ME FOR AN APPLE] Dag siden
legit a gazebo xD
Nehan Wali
Nehan Wali Dag siden
Fun Fact: When I searched up *Baseball player 23* The person I got was named Adrian Gonzalez
travel vlogs UH
travel vlogs UH Dag siden
travel vlogs UH
travel vlogs UH Dag siden
Checkout Muhammad Salah, Huda Tv, on NOpost
travel vlogs UH
travel vlogs UH Dag siden
Checkout Asim al Hakeem videos on NOpost
travel vlogs UH
travel vlogs UH Dag siden
Checkout Abdul bary yahya on NOpost
travel vlogs UH
travel vlogs UH Dag siden
Checkout Muhammad hijab videos on NOpost
travel vlogs UH
travel vlogs UH Dag siden
Nice video, nice channel
Shalom Moshe
Shalom Moshe Dag siden
I read the thumbnail as sarcasm alert lol
Cyanide Dag siden
Waiting for danny to be arrested for murder with all these murder jokes 👍
123UnicornRose /Abby:3:p
123UnicornRose /Abby:3:p Dag siden
11:46 where the video starts
hey Dag siden
only the real ones know that tyler joseph invented this first 😔
3shphantom Dag siden
Taylor Antonucci
Taylor Antonucci Dag siden
Is that Brian from modern rogue debunking a power band 😂
br0kenxrec0rd Dag siden
Lyric. ly
Lyric. ly Dag siden
Ok conclusion........................................... idk
Faithology Dag siden
As someone with impaired proprioception, I wish I could be in one of those commercials. You could breathe on me and I'd fall over
Ggg Yyy
Ggg Yyy Dag siden
Day 10 of asking Danny to review Romeo and Juliet: Sealed with a kiss
Cohen Loghry
Cohen Loghry Dag siden
Channel Dag siden
I just spilled milk on my pants
The Loser•
The Loser• Dag siden
Eleanor Murray
Eleanor Murray Dag siden
You should look at... twisty girls...
Jen Traveler
Jen Traveler Dag siden
Mom heard me listening to this. Says you don't sound very smart. Sorry Danny
The cinnamon bun Abby
The cinnamon bun Abby Dag siden
Have you checked up on billon surprise toys..... and do you have and SUASES
Bread Crumbs and Beaver Spit
Bread Crumbs and Beaver Spit Dag siden
Can we just acknowledge that he spent 600$ on bracelets?! Like clap* clap* clap* you deserve my three claps.
owl OwO
owl OwO Dag siden
I was watching this on my tv and my dad walked in and said hey it's drew 💀
Miriam Siegman
Miriam Siegman Dag siden
danny: wasn’t let down my hello fresh meals *yet* me: wait so should i buy it?
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